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One thousand years ago a famous polymath, astronomer, cartographer and all round genius named Shen Kua was a passionate game player. His passion was GO, the ancient game of skill and chance played on boards of 19x19 squares, but also other sizes including 9x9, the same as in the SuDoku puzzle.

Shen's innovations included the grid reference system for maps, and it was this fact that inspired the development of a game - based on the SuDoku puzzle - that involves several of Shen's innovations, including the grid references, to form what Shen himself may have developed had the SuDoku puzzle been around in his time.

In honour of Shen, the game is named after him. SHENDOKU™ is an original concept that transforms the puzzle of SuDoku into a genuine two-player - or more - game of skill, bluff and cunning. It can be played anywhere and is available in various forms, initially as a book.

The Shendoku book is available at and

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Sudoku Gift Ideas
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