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The Manga Guide to Sudoku

The Manga Guide to Sudoku

If like me you are interested in Japanese culture in general, you are probably fascinated by Manga. For those of you who don't know, Manga is a type of comic strip but usually telling a longer story more in the style of a graphic novel. The stories range from those suitable for the youngest children to quite violent or rather naughty!

This new book, The Manga Guide to Sudoku by Jay Morrison will let you combine the two. A lively 40-page manga at the front of the book shows readers the ins and outs of the game, while the remaining pages are packed with 120 all-new Sudoku puzzles, ranging in difficulty from "Easy" to "Dastardly" (along with the solutions, of course)! Featuring illustrations by award-winning artist, Atsuhisa Okura, a three-time recipient of Kondansha's prestigious prize for Best Independent Manga Artist.

The Manga Guide to Sudoku is available at and

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