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Top Sudoku Sites

Here are the best all round sites for Sudoku fans.

  • Mark Huckvale
    Compiler of puzzles printed in The Independent with easy puzzles to get the kids hooked,a booklet of challenging puzzles and an online puzzle generator.
  • Sudoku Strategies & Tactics
    Extensive sudoku-solving tutorial: menu links to explanations of Locked Set, Claim, Fish, Unique Rectangle, BUG+n, Chain, and Smart Fork Tactics. More than 50 full-grid examples.
  • Solve Sudoku (Without even thinking!)
    Great Sudoku tutoral on simple method for solving the puzzles.
  • The Mathematical Association of America
    A discription of how to play many of the varients of Sudoku, including Colour Sudoku, Magic Sudoku, Sums Sudoku, Factor Rooms, Geometry Sudoku, More Than Sudoku and many more.
  • Simetric
    Two Sudoku tutorials, one is a step by step solution for a puzzle printed in The Daily Telegraph, the other is a seven page tutorial for a 'feindish' puzzle printed in The Times.
    Great all-round sudoku site with daily puzzles to play online or print off, information and solving techiques.
  • A Sudoku Solver
    By Roger Hui. From Vector Magazine which is "the journal of the BAA, which promotes the APLs - very terse programming languages derived from Iversonís mathematical notation." This Sudoku Solver is written in text, so if you understood the last sentence I guess you can cut and paste it, then run it. (Can you tell I don't know what I'm talking about).
  • Sudoku-Help Plus
    The Sudoku Puzzler's Perfect Notepad! Not a solver but a downloadable spreadsheet that automatically updates all the available options as you solve a puzzle. Sudoku Help Plus includes 72 puzzles plus some Cluedoku (Alphabetic Sudoku) Puzzles. The site also includes a Sudoku solving tutorial and proposes a rating system for the difficulty of Sudokus.
  • Sudoku Made Easier
    Detailed explanation of how to solve a puzzle, notable for the printable Elimination Grid which you can use for eliminating possible solutions rather than trying to fit little pencil marks in the squares.
  • Sudoku Programmers Forum
    Forum for anyone interested in setting puzzles and writing solver and generation programs.
  • Wikipedia
    Definition of Sudoku from open source encyclopedia, with lively debate on the content of the article.
  • Let's Make Sudoku
    A step by step guide to making your own Sudoku puzzles.
  • Su Doku FAQ
    Alogrithms for writing creation and solver programs

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