Sudoku 2017 Gift Ideas
Sudoku 2017

Sudoku for Mac

  • Christmas Sudoku
    Dracosoft’s Christmas Sudoku is a great iconic twist on the standard Sudoku number game that everyone knows and loves.
  • Super Tile Sudoku
    Combines fresh, cool graphics and the interactivity of tile games, with over 25,000 brain-busting sudoku puzzles. It’s especially designed for all skill-levels, whether you’re new to the game –or a total Sudoku junkie.
  • Dracosoft
    Dracosoft's Sudoku is a challenging number-puzzle game filled with logical solutions, and analytical answers. $9.99 - requires Mac OS X 10.2 and later.
  • UniSudoku
    UniSudoku allows you to play Sudoku on Mac OS X 10.4. Enjoy the best aspects of the pencil and paper puzzle with all the advantages of playing on your computer - Unlimited puzzle generation - No messy handwriting! - Full Undo/Redo support, no more erasing! An intuitive interface lets you make "pencil marks" and fill in guesses while staying in the flow of the game. You may also enter your favorite puzzles from the newspaper, books and the Internet directly into UniSudoku.

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
I think that is what makes a good puzzler, a willingness to keep nutting something out and resisting the temptation to go to the back of the book for the answers.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.

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