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Find the perfect Christmas Gift for a Sudoku fan with our selection of the best 2009 Calendars and Books as well as some of the latest gift ideas.

2009 Sudoku Tear-A-Day Desk Calendar

2009 Sudoku Tear-A-Day Desk Calendar
Multilingual sudoku-puzzle-a-day calendar from Te Neues from £5.29 at and Foyles For Books

The Original Sudoku Page-a-Day Calendar 2009

The Original Sudoku Page-a-Day Calendar 2009
Puzzles printed in lively full colour, created by Nikoli, the Japanese publisher that invented Sudoku. The puzzles are completely handmade. From 6.49 at, and

Sudoku Variety: A Different Type of Sudoku Puzzle Every Day of the Week

Sudoku Variety
A Different Type of Sudoku Puzzle Every Day of the Week 2009 Day-To-Day Calendar. From and

Penguin Sudoku 2009

Penguin Sudoku 2009
365 brand new Sudokus, star-rated from novice level through difficult to utterly fearsome. These games will help your brainpower, your concentration and your deduction skills. From

Sudoku 3D Puzzle Cube

Sudoku 3D Puzzle Cube
Combining all the infuriation of Mr Rubik's famous innovation with the latest global craze Sudoku. From and Also available in a coloured version at

Sudoku Toilet Paper Sudoku Toilet Paper
An old favourite gift for a Sudoku fan. Around 5 at and
Sudoku A Day

Sudoku A Day
Can't wait 'til January the First? 365 puzzles to use anytime! 7.99 from

Sudoku Presented by Will Shortz: 2009 Day-to-Day Calendar

Sudoku Presented by Will Shortz
2009 Day-to-Day Calendar. New puzzles every day in a refreshing range from easy to challenging; a perfect daily allowance of pure numerical nirvana from Will Shortz, America's favorite puzzle master. $10.19 at

Musidoku - The Musical Sudoku Musidoku - The Musical Sudoku
Perfect for musical sudokoists! Forty-four puzzles to tickle and tackle your musical brain cells. If you are a musician who loves Sudoku, then Musidoku will definitely be your forte. From

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I don't think the crossword puzzle will ever disappear. I don't think Sudoku will either.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.

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