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Sudoku 2008


Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2008
Created by Nikoli, the Japanese publisher that launched the international Sudoku craze. Find it at and

Penguin Sudoku 2008

Penguin Sudoku 2008
Penguin Sudoku 2008 contains 365 fiendish brainteasers, ranging from easy to mind-bogglingly difficult. It provides a daily fix for the hardened Sudoku fan and sets an addictive challenge for novices.


2008 Sudoku Tear-A-Day Calendar
A daily Sudoku Puzzle from Te Neues.
Available from

Sudoku 2021 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2021

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
It's not a complicated puzzle, there aren't any complicated rules and you don't need any particular language - no dictionary or library full of reference books, it's just between you and the puzzle.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.