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Sudoku 2019 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
for Christmas 2018

Sudoku 2007

These calenders and diaries will all be available from August 2007.

The Original Sudoku Calendar 2007 The Original Sudoku Calendar 2007
365 all-new puzzles. Created by Nikoli, the Japanese publisher that started Sudoku mania They begin easy on Sunday and grow more difficult over the course of the week.
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Sudoku Pro 2007  Sudoku Pro 2007
365 Sudoku puzzles in this tear-off Calendar from Te Neues. A beginner version is also available.
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Sudoku Classic: 2007 Day-To-Day Calendar
More than 300 newspapers worldwide feature Sudoku puzzles by David J. Bodycombe. Puzzles range in difficulty from a one-star novice level to a five-star master level.
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Sudoku by Will Shortz: 2007 Day-To-Day Calendar

2007 Engagment Calendar
Sudoku by Will Shortz:
From the bestselling series by the celebrated editor of the New York Times daily crossword and host of NPR's Puzzlemaster, Will Shortz, comes a year of sudoku in two user-friendly formats. Will Shortz is respected as a master throughout the world of games and puzzles. His name guarantees immediate recognition and trust among puzzle fans.
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USA Today Sudoku : 2007 Day-to-Day Calendar USA Today Sudoku : 2007 Day-to-Day Calendar
This calendar provides a USA TODAY Sudoku puzzle for every day of the year and countless hours of head-scratching enjoyment.
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The Killer Sudoku 2007 Boxed Calendar The Killer Sudoku 2007 Boxed Calendar
Contains 315 puzzle pages, one for each weekday and a combination Saturday/Sunday page for each weekend of the year. Each week the calendar also offers one Classic Sudoku puzzle, rated for difficulty with 1 to 5 stars.
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Sudoku 2021 Gift Ideas

Sudoku Gift Ideas
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Sudoku Quotes and Tips
The great thing about these puzzles is that they have to be solved by pure logic, not luck. They can be frustrating, but the reward when you crack them is a great feeling.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.