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Sudoku 2018

Picture Sudoku

  • Emmy Nominee Sudoku
    From USA Today, possible the most difficult picture Sudoku we have found so far!
  • SuDocWho
    Sudoku game from the BBC featuring the first 9 Doctors (so no David Tennant - sorry!)
  • Shrek
    Official Shrek website has sudoku with Shrek characters. 3 levels of difficulty, and the more you get right, the harder the games get.
  • Claire's Sudoku
    Cute picture Sudoku from this Belgian website. The site is made in Flash so I can't translate it, but it looks like the pictures are characters from a series of Belgian comics.

Sudoku Quotes and Tips
The great thing about these puzzles is that they have to be solved by pure logic, not luck. They can be frustrating, but the reward when you crack them is a great feeling.
Wayne Gould, Father of the current Sudoku craze.

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