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Kakuro Games

After the popularity of Sudoku based games, inevitably Kakuro games were going to appear in time.

Illuminated Mega Screen Kakuro

Currently only available in the US, this electronic Kakuro game features over one million world-class, computer-generated puzzles. There are eight levels of difficulty to challenge your logic skills and it also features a technology that enables you to play puzzles of varying size and difficulty. And it's fully illuminated so you can play anytime, anywhere. So kids you can even play it under the bedclothes when mum and dad think you're asleep!!! You can find it at

Kakuro Board game

For us Brits, there is a more low tech option available, this Kakuro board game which features over 150 puzzles and is for up to 4 players. With 4 different levels of difficulty it is suitable for ages 8 years and

Kakuro Books

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